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BLW - Gagging is really scaring me

Hi ladies!

For the last few weeks my LO has been eating banana, green beans, mango, and avocado from his tray. This has been on his own accord just picking it up and sticking it in his mouth then eating it.

The last few days he's been gagging like crazy. He's 25 weeks old now (born a week late too) and loves feeding himself but has been going a bit too fast I think. He'll grab food out of my hand and then shove it in his mouth, chews it up a little and swallows. I don't let him eat anything that I think would cause issues but recently he just gags, a lot.

For example tonight, I didn't think he would be hungry but I had a banana on the table because I was going to eat it. He grabbed the banana and kept putting it up to his mouth so I unpeeled it, broke it in half and let him have it. He only bit off little pieces but he kept gagging when he's never done that before! At one point I thought he was choking.

Is this normal? Why would it come about all of a sudden and not earlier? He used to eat really really well with no gagging. I let him finish his bit of banana then gave him 1oz of water to wash it down a little bit with. He absolutely hates being fed and when I try TW he just takes the spoon and throws it or locks his lips and gives me tons of dirty looks.

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No idea but LO seems to go through days where she gags a ton and then she won't gag for days. The other day she gagged at every meal and at one point gagged and coughed so hard she barfed
Not gonna lie, it freaks me out, but I just keep telling myself she's gotta learn where her gag reflex is and how much food is too much to jam in her mouth!

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