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Dehydration solution needed. Please Help

My ds has began to refuse all forms of liquid. He is 13 months old. In the bottom 10% for weight and 50% for height. We have constantly been trying to get his weight up but now he won't drink anything. He refuses milk and formula from a bottle. He will take one sip of water from a sippy cup if I hold it for him but then he pushes it away. Refuses juice, won't even try popsicles. I just don't know what to do. Today I was spoon feeding him juice. That seemed to work for a little bit. Got one ounce in him and considered it a triumph.
His doctor says his last test results came back with poor kidney function. .02 what ever that means. I know its bad. I have been watering down his food till its a soupy consistency but its not enough.
Any suggestions would be great. Also any advice on how to teach lo to hold the cup up so the liquid is at the mouth would also be great.
Thanks so much.

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It sounds like you need more help from your doctor if LO is refusing everything. Sorry I don't have any solutions, it sounds like you're doing all you can. I think I'd be trying to syringe feed LO at this stage

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Have you tried jelly, water melon or any melon. Also cucumber. What if you made it inti a game. Fill a little watering gun with water and see if he can get some in your mouth and take it in turns. My son also liked drinking from a toy teaset. Could be worth a try

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To be honest hun, I've never heard of a baby or toddler doing that. There's got to be a medical reason, like is it possible his mouth hurts or something? I honestly have no clue, I agree with the pp, you need more help from his doctor.

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We had fierce trouble with this. Ended up in hospital for over a week. Nobody could get anything into the baby. Turns out he has reflux and cows milk allergy ( they think). After putting on medication and Neocate, the only way I could feed him was by straddling him across my knee and have him facing outwards. Really awkward and hard on arms etc but we did it until we could feed him in the bouncy chair. Your doc has prob gone through all of this. Our battles were so bad before that I had to feed baby sitting on the floor and strip my clothes off for battle. I'd get your baby taken into hospital and throw as many wobblies as you can. I feel for you with the stress of this. It sounds like you really need some help. GP's can be a bit easygoing about these things. in the end we went to A & E and got admitted that way. It was going to take weeks to see a consultant. We saw an army of people the following day. Please keep in touch, I'd like to hear how you are getting on.

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I have come across this and it can be really scary. Have you tried coconut water? A lot of very fussy babies and toddlers love it and it does help towards rehydration because it replenishes various electrolyte minerals. Just make sure you get a good quality fresh brand and not the sugar laden junk you can get xx

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There's lots of water in fruit so try giving him pears, melon, soft fruit etc, maybe smoothies?

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