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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 03:53 AM   41
Mum (Mom)
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Brekkie: porridge with strawberries and water
Mid morning snack - frais
Lunch- sweet pots and spinach, rice pudding and water
Dinner- pasta and pesto with cheese and water
And 3 8oz bottles

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 06:18 AM   42
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Breakfast: breakfast quesadilla fingers, Fruit and yogurt pouch
Lunch: sauteed shredded zucchini, mashed lentil stew, clementines. She pretty much only ate the clementines
Dinner: not sure yet. Maybe some roasted parsnips and potatoes.

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 09:02 AM   43
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Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes
Lunch: sweet potatoe, corn, some cheese
Dinner: Broccoli and chicken with some apple sauce (weird but she likes it

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 11:18 AM   44
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Breakfast: Wheatabix and banana
Lunch: Mini pizza (english muffin, tomato puree and cheese) and a yoghurt
Dinner: It will be tomato pasta bake and a fruit pot

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B - porridge

L - 1 slice of toast with butter and dairylea, few spoonfuls of baked beans,
Apple, orange and banana fruit pot

D - 1/2 spag Bol jar, yeovalley peach yoghurt, raspberry and blueberry rice cakes

3x 7oz milk

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 12:38 PM   46
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Originally Posted by bananaz View Post
So ladies, I'm wondering how much your babies actually eat of the items you've listed? My LO tends to be on the pickier side and I'm guessing that most babies her age are eating more than she does, but I'm not sure.

The only thing she eats any real quantity of are baby cereals made with breast milk, and even that's becoming a battle now. She'll suck and nibble on fruits and veggies but very rarely will she actually eat a whole piece of anything. With other finger foods she'll usually eat a few little bites and the rest become toys/projectiles. I've started giving her more puree pouches but her success with those really depends on how much she likes the flavor - most of them she'll suck on for a moment and then turn upside down so she can bite the bottom and spill it all over herself

I'm not too worried because I feel like she's making progress (at least she's trying things now!) but I do wonder if she's eating way less than other babies.
Jordan is a great eater and eats a good quantity of everything I've listed. The things she refuses now are spoon fed foods. She wants to do everything herself. She went through a bread phase of LOVING anything that was a form of bread, but that has slowed down. She loves broccoli and any form of pasta. I gave her tiny bites of homemade pizza and she gobbled them up.

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 13:22 PM   47
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My lo sometimes eats lots then others days not so much.

Breakfast - yeo valley yogurt, tried her with prune purée which she normally loves and wouldn't eat it today

Lunch - cod, sweet potato and orange and a couple of little rice cakes

Dinner - bolognase and pasta

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 14:31 PM   48
Mum (Mom)
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B - 4oz banana porridge & half my toast
L - ham sandwich, cheese stick & raspberry yoghurt
S - crisps
D - beef & mushroom, roast potato, spinach & courgette, 1/2 fruit pot

I swear this kid is going to eat me out of house and home!!

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 15:43 PM   49
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Breakfast was porridge with blueberries (spoon fed).
Lunch was wholemeal muffins toasted with goats cheese spread, sticks of pear (finger foods) and 1/2 yogurt (spoon fed!).
Dinner was a scrummy thai turkey mince mix the DH and I love with spices, ginger and lots of veg. Mmmm! Spoon fed, with some lychee as finger food for dessert.

DD is a little piggy! She also has 4 breastfeeds in the day and will have at least one, probably two overnight.

It's nice to have a thread for both kinds of weaning where we can get ideas! I find making lunchtime interesting and varied the most difficult.

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Old Feb 18th, 2013, 20:26 PM   50
Mum (Mom)
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Breakfast - French toast, bananas
Lunch - scrambled eggs, toast with butter and blueberry jam, mandarin oranges, cheese
Snack - Graham cracker
Dinner - spaghetti with meat sauce, toast with butter and parmesan cheese, peas, blueberries, spoon fed baby oatmeal...2 bites

She had 22 oz in bottles today.... More than she had had recently during a cold and teething

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