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How much baby rice to start off with?

Hi ladies so I have a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I have literally forgotten everything I did with my 4 year old.
The box says a spoon per 3 spoons of milk, mix together and feed. How often a day should I do it xxx

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just start very slow and a couple of spoons once a day for a week or so then add a bit more then add another meal after a few weeks x

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Just to add to your confusion my Lo never took to baby rice we had the most stressful week trying to get him to eat it so we just moved on to puréed foods and he took it much better

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None it's empty calories devoid of nutrition. If you really feel you have to start now (most literature recommends 6months these days) start with fruits and veg. Avocado is good as it contains loads of vitamins minerals and fats. Banana, carrot, pear, some even suggest meat as well because babies at this age need lots of calories and milk is much higher than food, food is bulkier and therefore takes longer to first hence people assume baby is fuller when they are getting less overall.

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We skipped it. After much reading, I didn't see the need for it.

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Now, whats next suggestion for the baby food?

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