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Is this normal...

I feel a bit silly writing this but I have started weaning my 6 month old and thought I would start with baby porridge. When I give her it she just seems to spit it out and most of it ends up on her bib or me wiping it away, what I am wondering is is this normal? I know it has only been a week but is she trying to tell me she doesn't like it or should I carry on because it is just new to her and she will take more once she is a bit more used to it?

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Perfectly normal. It can take a little while for your LO to get the idea of eating solids. She'll spit out more than she swallows at first, but will soon learn what she needs to do.

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I didn't spoonfeed mine, but I would say yes, I think it's pretty normal for them to take time to get used to the idea of eating solids. It's all very new, new textures, new flavours, new kind of interaction between the two of you. I would say it took my daughter about 2 weeks to really eat anything (we did baby-led weaning) and she was probably 9 months before she ate any significant quantity. So yes, all very normal for it not to happen quickly. You might also try finger foods of different sorts to see if she'd have more interest in that if you're happy to try that, but really there's no rush either way.

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It is possible for the Tongue Thrust reflex to still be present at 6months, which if it is would suggest to me to hold off weaning for another couple of weeks. However I'd also say that pushing food out is part of learning to control how much food is in their mouth and to get it away from the back of the throat if they aren't ready to swallow, which is all normal as PP said.

Does she show other readiness signs? e.g does she, and can she, bring an object confidently and deliberately in to her mouth? Can she sit with a little (or no) support?

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