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Do babies know when they have had enough?

Sorry this seems like a silly question to ask but now that my 6 month old is weaning (mixing using purée and finger foods) do they know when they are full? I am worried that I am feeding her too much, will there be queues like her turning her head away when she is full or would she just continue to eat? I know every baby is different but are there cues I should be looking out for?

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My wee one is the same age and she stops eating (eventually) and just shuts her mouth, hits the food away with her hands and throws a hissy fit lol.

Its the same as milk really. I just make sure she is getting at least 500-600ml of milk per day (its often more) in addition to food. We have been weaning for a few weeks and she is less and less interested in milk.

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Yes, they know when they've had enough. We only did BLW and self-feeding, which makes it a bit easier (basically, she just wouldn't eat any more and would start throwing things on the floor when she got bored), but if you're spoon feeding, I imagine you'll work out the signs as you know your baby best.

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If being spoon fed DS2 will put his hand to his mouth and turn his head away

If he's feeding himself then as soon as he starts windscreen wipering his highchair tray that's a sign to move any left over food fast before it all ends up on the floor!!

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