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8 month old gagging and vomiting on lumps..

Hi - ds is 8 months and has always gagged on anything that's not milk or pureed thinly like fruit. If I give him a rusk/toast/rice cake/lumps in food and even thick potato type mushy foods he doesn't like (obviously don't realise he doesn't like them whilst preparing them!) he will gag/cough and projectile vomit.

Any ideas? I've spoken to HV who may refer me to speech and language but also said it may be very normal and he'll get better with time?

He's been doing this for 2 months now. Sometimes ill think he's mastered it as a bit of rusk is swallowed without problems - but the next minute the following bit of rusk for example makes him gag/cough and it all comes back up.

He's not loosing weight and is a chunky and healthy otherwise

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It is very normal but I think my DD had stopped gagging every meal about three weeks after we started weaning (but this was with zero purees and finger food at every meal time for three weeks so she got a lot of practice).

If this happens with every mouthful it is good that your HV is at least aware of it, but you have a bit of time before you need to start worrying about his nutrition from food.

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