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Puree ideas

Hi everyone!

What purees did your little one like or still like?
I started weaning my nearly 6 month old 3 weeks ago now (she is very keen on eating and can eat alot of solids at a time!!) and would like some ideas on homemade purees as the jars here are just so expensive!
What purees did you find easy to make that your little one liked for lunch and dinner??
She doesnt like lumps so they need to be smooth recipes.

Thanks in advance

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My little guy likes the follow sweet potatoe, butternut squash, avocado and banana, carrots, parsnip cauliflower . Frozen peas is handy because you always have them in your freezer and can cook quickly if your stuck. I've just started 2 weeks ago so slowly building up his exposure to new foods. I make up a batch and then freeze in ice cube container and can then mix up the foods ie yesterday I took I cube sweet potatoe and 2 cauliflower today took a 2 cubes of carrot a cube parsnips and 1 potatoe and mixed. It's just as easy as jars. The avocado and banana great because you don't need to cook just mash them up what ever is left I have on toast for my breakfast

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