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Thanks everyone! I tried cheese last night and he just spat it out. He did eat a fair bit of his baby dinner (noodles, vegetables, chicken) plus he had some cantaloupe which he loved.

I also tried a new routine to go straight home, start dinner and feed him, play time, bath time and bed time! He was in bed 30 minutes (or more!) earlier than usual which gave DH and me some time to ourselves. We then woke up DS at 6:00am and he had a breakfast of - banana (ate some and played with it), and a sausage egg cheese biscuit (ate some and played with it) before we left the house. We will keep trying this so he gets a better sleep schedule and eats before we leave in the mornings.

Hopefully he will get more used to eating, and just start eating more.

I also didn't worry about the BF when we got home as I started on feeding him dinner and making our dinner by 6:30pm. I think rearranging our schedule will be better for everyone in the house.

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Old Jul 19th, 2016, 22:54 PM   12
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My LO is on the smaller side but has seemed to bulk up since I focused on offering her higher fat foods. For breakfast she usually has full fat plain yogurt and toast with natural almond butter. Lunches and dinners usually include cheese (she likes cottage cheese) and avocado, as well as a carb (rice, pasta, or toast) and protein (usually chicken breast or steak, sometimes salmon). I also often give her eggs scrambled with expressed breast milk. She has been teething for months and really likes cold cut up veggies because they feel good on her gums, but they don't pack a lot of calories or healthy fats so I see those more as snack foods and then give her fattier foods for meal times.

Sounds like you are doing great considering your very busy schedule. I don't know how you mamas do it who have to go back to work so early!

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I have a suggestion for a quick and healthy snack.

Can you get some refillable sucky pouches. Eh Google kai carrier. (It's a nz brand but I'm sure your country will have something similar). Then whizz up say avocado, full fat yoghurt, banana, a bit of coconut oil, berries and spinach. Fill the ducky pouch and freeze. Then take one out at the start of each day for an after school snack.

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