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She doesn't seem interested in solid food...

My 9 month old will try things like toast, baby porridge and rice cakes but apart from that she turns her face whenever I try to introduce something new. She mainly still survives on formula milk and purée. At her age should I be worried about this?

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I would suggest to keep offering her various foodstuffs.

My lo didnt like yoghurt and i gave it a rest for a few days before offering again, no luck, waited 2 more days before offering again - and again she turned her nose away.

Its only when i started offering it every day then she started getting used to the taste and seems to enjoy when mixed with fruit puree.

Not sure whether its the everyday offerings that helped or the fact that she started recognising the taste...

What kind of puree does your lo like? Maybe its the new textures that is an unchartered territory? I have this to come, as doing traditional weaning and eventually will need to start introducing lumps and chunks

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Just keep offering lots of things. You'll be surprised when one day you hit on something and it just takes off. Purees generally tend to be sweet compared to normal finger foods as they often end up being sweetened with added fruit, so you might try more fruit to see if she shows an interest. Also, sit down and eat with her. Even sit her on your lap while you eat your own meal. You'll be surprised how much more willing she might be to pick something up and try it to mimic you when it's sitting in front of both of you and you're eating it. You can also put all sorts of things on toast and rice cakes, hummus, nut butters, mashed avocado, mashed banana, so those might be a route to introduce some new tastes if she eats those things. 9 months is also often a weird tricky phase, which lots of people struggle with when it comes to eating. My daughter who ate all sorts of things from 6 months, feeding herself, when into a phase where she would only eat fruit or yogurt for probably a month. It was really frustrating, but I just kept offering lots of things even when she wasn't interested. And then one day, after a month, it just kicked off and she ate probably half of a small (like 4 inch) broccoli quiche in one sitting. After that, she was back to eating loads again. Just hang in there.

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My son is newly 1, and still eats mostly purees. His pediatrician said this is fine, just keep offering and he'll eventually get the hang of self feeding. We're weaning off of formula to just solids and cows milk, and he's doing ok right now. Remember food before 1 is just for fun. There's no pressure for her to reduce formula intake right now.

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As an ece, I've always been told it takes about 15 times of introducing foods before they will try it (if they are a 'picky' eater).
Just keep trying is my advice. Your lo just isn't ready yet and that's okay.
Putting other things that your lo likes with new things is a great idea too.

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