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Dairy allergy?? Help!!

Bit of background first.... my 7 month old dd2 has been congested/snotty for 5 ish months although saying that shes always been a bit mucousy since birth. Started weaning her at 6 months and although she wants food as she shoves it in she wont actually swallow any of it but i think it is because shes so congested. Have been to and from drs and was about to get a 2nd opinion before he finally reffered her to peads. We are waiting for her app to come through but i saw dr for me today and she suspects a dairy allergy. Shes only put on .02kg in a month 😕 She is breastfed and as i say really doesnt eat. Obviously im cutting out dairy asap whilst we wait for the apt to confirm but does this sound like an allergy to you....
Very very sore bum ( at 1 and 6 months old it was so sore it bled) i did go drs for this.
Very bad sleeper up 4 or 5 times a night
Snotty nose constantly
Chesty cough but chest is clear
Sounds weazy
Poos alot. Not runny but always pooping and the last few days her poo has had what looks like jelly in it??
Dairy allergy??
Also any tips for us going dairy free?? I have tried getting her to take bottles in past but shes too congested and wont although if it is a dairy allergy i think i will try and get her onto dairy free formula.
If it is, im seriously complaining about original dr, hes been throwing antibiotics and inhalers at her and fobbing us off for months, 1 new dr talking to me about why in so exhausted and having stressed induced migraines and i mention dds problems and she suggests this.

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It could be a dairy allergy. I suggest speaking to someone who specializes in allergies and get some allergy testing done. My son doesn't have a milk allergy but does have other food allergies (egg and peanuts). I know one girl whos son has a milk allergy. She described his diet as a vegan diet but is allowed to eat meat. Most important thing is to make sure your baby is getting lots of fat and protein in their diet since they won't be getting it from milk.

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It sounds like some kind of allergy. My dd had a dairy allergy. She was strictly bf when we discovered it. I cut it out of my diet and noticed a difference after 4 days or so.

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Defo sounds like it to me Hun. My first is allergic to milk. The protein in milk though not the lactose. There's a difference. All your symptoms are very similar to my daughter except she was constipated and still is at almost 2 years old. The norm is frequent pooing though according to my doctor. The 'jelly' you describe is mucus.
I'm just in the process of trying to work out if my second daughter who is 7 weeks old is allergic too but she won't take the special milk.
Best thing to do is eliminate milk from your diet as you breastfeed, read labels though as you will be amazed where you will find milk. It could take upto 4 weeks to notice any difference in her as its takes a while for the milk to leave her system.

Message me if you want a chat or feel confused with anything.

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My toddler has a milk allergy and the number one symptom for her was hives/ skin rashes. We took her to an allergist and they tested for numerous allergens and milk was the only one that was positive. There are lots of milk alternatives out there. My daughter drinks almond milk and also enjoys almond milk yogurt occasionally. A word of warning though, if it indeed a dairy allergy you will have to read food labels very carefully. So many things contain dairy even if you think they wouldn't.

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The mucous in the poop definitely points to dairy allergy.
Both of my kids have (or had) it but presented differently.
My oldest had blood and mucous in his stools from day one, a lot of gas and bad baby acne. Had to go off breastfeeding and onto a hypoallergenic formula before we noticed a change.
My youngest just gets really gassy and a sore tummy. If I eat much dairy he will scream allll day. It was basically a process of elimination for him since he just seemed colicky, but as soon as I cut dairy from my diet, within 24 hours he was crying less.

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