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Thank you all guys (meep i love you lol)

She is getting better and eating loads but pretty much a limited variety. In the morning i would give her fruit fingers or puree (so far we have tried banana, apple and pear), in the afternoons its veg time (squash, potato, sweet potato, broccoli, carrot and courgette). I have recently given her turkey pureed and mixed with veg, seemed a hit!!

Grains - we have tried buckwheat (love it) and today i have given her lentils (fingers crossed)

Am gonna try and take her to nursery tomorrow for an hour or so and i really hope she doesnt pick up another bug xxx

Update in due course (by the way another phonecall from Hv and apparently "im doing great".. yeahhh whatevs...

Much love to all, thanks for support. Stay tuned for further updates ������

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