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Few questions now that my baby is 26 weeks!

So I'm just looking for a meal planner and what sort of foods they can have this age? My main question being dairy?

My first born has cmpa so has been dairy free since we began weaning where I we discovered he reacts to anything with milk. Use to swell, get rashes etc now at 4 he vomits and gets abdominal pain the poor boy

So basically his been dairy free I'm a bit clueless on when you can give dairy and how much? When can they start having yogurts? Can they have cheese in foods and when making weetabix do I use formula or cows milk? At the moment his breastfed so we'll continue with that as well as offering food.

Is been so long I've forgot everything lol! How many times a day should he eat now and snacks, what sort of snacks? please share your ideas


Basically looking for a meal planner?

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I have been giving Isla dairy since I started offering her solids at 6 months old. She absolutely loves herb and garlic goat cheese, and she has plain greek yogurt (with a few tsp of prunes mixed in) for breakfast most mornings. As far as I am aware it is ok to give them milk products, but you should hold off on giving actual milk until they are 1 year, so if I were you I would make weetabix with formula or expressed breastmilk. If you are going to try yogurt try greek yogurt as it has less lactose than other yogurts and is easier to digest.

As far as other foods go we did baby led weaning so we offered pretty much all foods right off the bat. The only things I have stayed away from are honey (which I think should be ok so long as it's pasteurized, but I just haven't had a reason to give it to her), milk, salt, and sugar.

At 6 months we usually gave her 2 meals a day although she didn't really consume much of anything until she was about 8 months old. When she started to really consume stuff we moved to 3 meals a day plus snacks, usually a snack when she wakes up from each nap. She often isn't hungry for the afternoon snack but I offer it to her anyways.

We don't really have a specific meal plan because she has always just eaten what we eat. The only thing that stays pretty consistent is breakfast, which is usually yogurt with prunes, toast with almond butter, and sometimes a bit of banana (but she doesn't like fruit really), or scrambled eggs with cheese and veggies. The rest of the day it is just whatever we are eating or a variation of what we are eating if our meal isn't appropriate for her. I have some baby sized meals frozen in the freezer (shepherd's pie, curry and rice, and chili and rice at the moment) that I can pull out if our meal is very inappropriate, like last night when we were watching football and eating nachos for supper.

Snacks are usually rice cakes with nut butter, Love Child oat/fruit bars, veggie sticks, cheese, or toast if she didn't have it for breakfast.

I hope that helps!

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From 6 months, they can have anything except whole nuts (nut butters are fine though, it's only because nuts are a choking hazard) and honey. So yes, cheese, yogurt, milk, whatever you want to offer and as much or as little as they want. There really aren't any rules, just offer a balanced, varied diet. We always used cow's milk in cereal or porridge (you could also use breast milk if you have loads expressed somewhere you need to use up).

We just started with one meal a day at 6 months (lunch) and added them in slowly as we had time, and by 7.5 months, were mostly having 3 meals a day most days. But there's no rush. I wouldn't worry about snacks now as your milk feeds will still be 'snacks' in between solid meals. We only added in snacks between meals when milk feeds started to decrease around 10-11 months.

So at 6-7 months, basically we had lunch (toast with something on it like mashed avocado or hummus, pasta, various other finger foods like savoury muffins, I used to make these really nice spinach and feta muffins which were a big hit) and then when I added in breakfast, it was things like scrambled eggs, toast with mashed banana or cashew butter, porridge balls, blueberry muffins, yogurt, pieces of banana or other fruit like a plum (cut in half, stone removed). Dinner would be similar to lunch or some variant on what we were eating, like soup with bread to dip. I didn't do snacks til much later, but when I did, it was rice cakes with cashew butter or hummus, or cucumber sticks, raisins, blueberries, banana, pieces of cheese, etc.

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