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How many meals does your 6.5-7 month old have?

As the title says. How many meals should they be having a day? TIA

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Roughly Freya has -

summer fruit berry porridge for breakfast - usually about 9:30am. She has boob when she wakes.

Some boob before lunch. Then she'll have a "lunch". Sometimes sandwiches, today she had a custard pot and some apple slices. It just depends.

In the afternoon she often snacks on something like rice crackers etc. Then at dinner she usually has something.

It varies though. Tonight she was too tired so didn't have solids at dinner.

We BLW so the amount she actually eat varies.

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Old Nov 1st, 2016, 08:39 AM   3
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They should have whatever it is you can manage to prepare, as long as they aren't dropping too many milk feeds. At 6.5 months, we only did lunch, but by 7 months, we usually did two meals, breakfast and lunch most days. We didn't add in dinner until closer to 7.5 months and that wasn't even necessarily every day. That worked well for us. I found it took me a bit to work out how to modify our meals to make them healthy for her and easy enough to try to eat, so we started gradually.

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Varies a lot. We're doing a combination of blw and purees mainly because as a family we very rarely eat together so she doesn't often have what we do yet if that makes sense? she goes to bed too early to have dinner with us. So at the moment it's-

Bottle, Porridge, Bottle, Lunch (which can be totally random, sometimes grated cheese and bread and butter, sometimes a puree, maybe some fruit, avo, pitta breads... whatever I have in!), bottle, dinner very rarely and then bottle at bed time. I haven't found she needs a snack mid afternoon yet but I have some ella's puffs and rice crackers in the cupboard for when she does.

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Mine is a little older, but her schedule now is pretty similar to what it was at 6.5-7 months except she's weaned now and gets bottles instead because I'm pregnant again and my supply dried up.

At about 7-8 am she would wake up and nurse (now bottle).
8-9 am she would have breakfast. Usually some kind of bread like toast or pancake + fruit like banana, strawberries, or blueberries + scrambled egg.

Then around 10-11 am another nursing session. Lunch at 12 pm usually. Usually some kind of sandwich cut up + a veggie like peas, broccoli, or corn + yogurt or applesauce packet.

Then about 2-3 pm she would nurse again and maybe have a little snack of puffs or some of whatever I was snacking on.

Dinner at 5-6 pm. Usually a pasta like Mac n cheese or a meat like chicken breast or fish sticks + a fruit + a veggie.

Then nurse right before sleep at 7-8 pm.

And then usually I would wake her up for a nursing session before I went to bed at about 11 pm to keep her sleeping through the night. We've done baby led weaning with her almost exclusively. Really the only things we spoon feed her are yogurt, applesauce, or oatmeal.

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I started out with just lunch. Then after a week added in dinner, I did not want to increase portion size and streatch his tummy but he was ready for more food so added in dinner. Then after another 1-2 weeks added in breakfast but tbh he rarely ate it. I would put something out, if he had a nibble, great, if not fine. But it was there if he was hungry. Only had very small meals. He was 9.5 months old before he started eating enough solids to start dropping milk feeds and 10.5 months old before he dropped a significant amount of milk and began eating a decent amount of solids. Now he has milk, breakfast, snack, milk, lunch, snack, dinner, supper, milk and 1-2 night feeds. He is only little too and been struggling to gain weight!

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Old Dec 16th, 2016, 17:12 PM   7
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My LO started solids pretty early as he is always so interested in his surroundings. By that time of 7 months, breakfast and dinner were pretty regular for him, sometimes lunch but usually didn't eat much other than BM.

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I offered three a day but he just enjoyed exploring it more than eating it at first.

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Old Dec 21st, 2016, 14:40 PM   9
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None haha. Refuses to open his mouth or put food in it himself.
That said I usually try twice a day, mid morning and supper time generally (or whenever I feed my toddler).

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Leah has:

8am: Milk

9am: Breakfast (which is usually fruit & yoghurt or toast and scrambled egg)

1pm: Lunch (Chicken or Salmon with veg, I make a week's worth on a sunday, mash them up and put them in tubs in the freezer, Usually a yoghurt for afters)
1:30pm: Milk

5pm: Either veg or fruit, she likes mashed banana before bed (I don't give her loads at this time because she is a very early bedder, by half 5 she gets whiney and rubbing her eyes and wants to go bed. Shes normally asleep by half 6 at the latest

6pmish: Milk before bed

She snacks on a few things during the day as well, rice cakes, baby wafers, cheese etc. If we're having dinner at the same time as her, she'll have some of what we're having too

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