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First try blw

So we've been weaning Ella using purées since around 4.5 months. She took to it fantastically and hasn't had anything that she doesn't enjoy yet. She turned 6 months on Sunda, so we decided to try finger foods today.
She had some toast, broccoli and some mash potato. I'm really shocked at the amount she ate! Considering it was her first time eating food that isn't puréed. She demolished all the toast! I thought babies don't usually eat much of it at first?
Bit worried that she was taking too big of bites and maybe not chewing it properly? Although she didn't really gag much and didn't choke.
So I guess all is ok right?
What are some other good foods to try?

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Yes, that sounds great. Many babies don't really eat at first, but it's normal for them to eat loads at first too. Mine didn't really eat anything for about two weeks, but my friend's daughter who was the same age ate 4 massive strips of grilled chicken the very first time. So that sounds good to me. You can offer pretty much whatever you're eating as long as it's not salty or sugary and as long as it's free of honey and whole nuts. Strips of chicken breast, salmon flaked up, roasted/boiled/mashed potatoes, pasta (I found plain penne worked well to start because adding a sauce made them really slippery), toast with all sorts of things on it (butter, hummus, mashed banana or mashed avocado). Broccoli was a staple to start because it's really easy to pick up, but we also did a lot of roasted veg in stick shapes, sweet potato wedges, roasted carrots and parsnips, and then raw things like cucumber sticks, banana, melon sticks, and plums and nectarines cut in half with the stone removed obviously.

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