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Weaning/ milk feeds

Hi all.
When starting weaning at 6ish months when do you notice milk feeds dropping.
I can't remember with my daughter.

My son is 6 months next week and have just started him on baby rice. Apple puree and pear puree.
He's never been the biggest milk feeder. And can be very fussy. Like this first thing this morning only wanting 2oz of milk even after sleeping 11 hours.
But I've already noticed he doesn't want all of his milk just with this little bit off food. So bit worried what he will be like when he increases food.

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My daughter's never been a big milk drinker either, the most she's ever had in one sitting is 6oz and that was impressive (I think she's a little and often feeder). We've been weaning since just before she turned 6mo and I haven't noticed her dropping any feeds yet. She has a bottle between 4-5x a day.

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We didn't notice any change in milk feeds until 9 months, but we did BLW, so the quantity of food wasn't huge in the beginning and we only started with one meal a day (lunch) for the first month or so. My daughter wasn't a big eater either and has always been small, so I was really careful to offer milk first and then food about 1-2 hours after. That way she filled up on milk which is really want you want to be their main source of nutrition for now and then the food was just for practice and fun after. I would make sure you're offering milk first and then solids after, but also, lots of things happen around 6 months, like developmental leaps and often teething, which can put them off their food, so could also just be entirely coincidental.

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