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Allergic to milk!

My 6month old has only been exclusively BF. I tried giving him some baby rice with cows milk and he reacted to rash and hives around his mouth. I know it's the milk as I then tried the baby rice with premade formula milk and he was ok. What do I do now? I drink milk in my diet - am I meant to cut it out? He's always been stuffy and had a irritation under his eye- skin has small dots An his poos have always beeen green.

How do I get him onto solids? What do I do? I can't keep buying baby formula as it's expensive and he won't take a bottle anyway.

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I would see an allergist. My son is allergic to milk, eggs, soy, and peanuts. It's tough but these days there are many substitutes. If you want to keep breastfeeding him you will need to cut milk from your diet if he's allergic. You can try coconut milk instead or almond milk. Also 50% of kids with milk allergy are also allergic to soy so be cautious with that.

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As formula is made with cows milk it is interesting that he had an allergic reaction with the milk but not the formula. Perhaps he is only intolerant, rather than fully allergic, when it is small amounts (like through breastmilk).

In regards to getting LO on to solids, I'd say cows milk very little to do with my LO's weaning experience. We did BLW with all kinds of family food like cooked carrots, sweet potato, asparagus, pasta, mince meat etc. Breakfast was often bananas or other fruit, toast, egg muffins etc. in the early weeks and we only moved to cereal later down the line. I would talk to a dietician or doctor about what you can feed him that will be high in calcium and fats though as I can't imagine weaning without cheese and yoghurt!

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Introduce your baby gradually to solid foods. Once he accepts them (it might take some time), continue breastfeeding as often as before and add solids as your baby’s appetite increases. A few bites once a day is enough in the beginning, and increase gradually. Till he is not ready for solid food and experienced rashes then consult with the doctor. I would recommend maintaining breast milk as baby’s main source of nutrition throughout the first year. Best Luck.

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