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Suggestions? I don't want to wean!

I'm having a really tough time here. When I had my little girl Otti, I was SO determined to breastfeed her till she was a year old, at which point I would be heading back to work anyway. Almost 10 months later, though, reality kicks in. My job where I worked was no longer available (they were forced to cut way back), so I had to apply for a job at a different location (not a big deal, it's still the US Forest Service, just different location). BUT there's no guarantee they will have a spot for me either. When I heard that I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep breastfeeding her even longer than a year, if I wasn't going to be able to work the summer. I don't have the option to pump at work - we are gone around 85 days out of the summer anywhere in the US, could be spiking out in the middle of nowhere working 16 hour days. So it's just not a reality for me.
ANOTHER thing is she has four full-fledged teeth now, and she'll sometimes fall asleep and clamp down in her sleep. It HURTS I've taught her not to bite on purpose but she does it once she falls asleep...
I know it's not a good habit but I still feed her to sleep every night and a lot of her naps. I feel confident that I could get her off nursing to sleep during the day, but I don't know how I could end that at night without her being up for hours screaming.
She has a very healthy solids appetite, but she definitely loves her boobs.
I'm just kinda at a loss of what to do. I want to do what is absolutely best for her, but as little as she drink, she just loves nursing so I don't think she would ever self-wean. And she would never take a binki. If I do get rehired I'd go back around the 1st of June... which is coming up quick if I need to figure out a plan for weaning.

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Try posting this in the breastfeeding section, it may get a better response

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I think the title of this section is the British version of weaning, i.e. starting solids rather than the American meaning of weaning off milk. As pp says you'd get a better response in the breastfeeding section

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