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Originally Posted by caz_hills View Post
Can I ask please what milk / feeds they are having? My daughter is seven months today and her feeding isn't going well. We are trying BLW and some purée, whatever we having basically as long as it's suitable. She hasn't dropped any milk feeds and barely seems to consume anything! She tries everything and loves sucking on peppers and cucumber, same with bread. But if I feed her anything we don't have much luck. It all gets spat out. Not like on a 'yuck' way but just like she can't swallow it.

So she is having about 800-900ml of formula a day in five feeds. The formula tins say she should at seen months be on 600 (3x210) but she is way above this!
She shouldn't be dropping milk feeds at such a young age, not until she's able to swallow and digest larger meals and get the nutrition from them (around 9months food starts making up s higher proportion of calories and milk may start to reduce.

Totally normal for stuff to come back out again as gag reflex is really strong so they practice chewing before actually being able to chew and swallow. It's possible she still has some tongue thrust reflex too meaning milk is definitely her main food ATM.

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