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Choosing baby food - help!!

My LO is nearing the age of introducing solids and I am trying to determine what brand to go with. Gerber is the only brand that I could just grab at the grocery store. Any other brand I would have to buy online. I have already thought about making my own and ruled out that as an option as a means for all the food. Work/travel/distance from grocery stores already takes up too much of my precious time to spend with him. I have read gerbers ingredients and phoned them to determine that they do not use GMO's for any baby food or hormones/steroids in any meats. They also have an organic line but it's more limited and I'm not sold on the need for organic. Maybe I just do not know enough. What do you all use? Any recommendations? Experiences with gerber? I'm not against ordering something else online if it's better for him. I just have zero experience with baby food.

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