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Whole milk/ semi skimmed in cooking

I've just made 2 batches of meals for my 9 month old. Made , pureed and frozen into about 20 meals. And just realised I've used my semi skimmed milk ( obviously wasn't concentrating as the whole milk was right next to it in fridge) instead of whole milk that I normally use for the cheese sauce.

Is it going to be OK to give him .?

Thank you x

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There's nothing wrong with semi skimmed milk, it just doesn't have as many calories and as much fat as whole milk and babies and toddler who eat otherwise healthy diets need extra calories and fat. So yes, totally fine and safe to give, but next time, just use whole milk if you can. We drink whole milk anyway as a family, but if you use semi skimmed in cooking because that's what everyone else prefers, you don't absolutely need to use whole milk instead, just add a bit of butter or another fat to baby's portion before serving. But stick to whole milk as a drink once you get to the stage of offering milk.

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