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Would you have said anything?

Today I was at a family fun day type thing. I saw lady feeding her baby puree while it was lying flat on its back on a rug (it looked around 5months old maybe?). I never did puree only family food so I wasn't sure if this was OK. My initial reaction was "OMG she shouldn't be doing that should she?" but then I second guessed myself, and totally wasn't sure how I'd go about approaching her anyway. Now I feel guilty that the baby might be in danger of choking and I should have said something.....

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I wouldn't say anything either. My motto is not my baby not my business.

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No, I wouldn't have said anything either. You'll forever see people doing stupid things to their children and I don't think you can burden yourself with policing them. It is potentially dangerous, but people need to work that out for themselves and do their own research. They are likely to take offense rather than to see it as kind and constructive criticism anyway, so it would be unlikely to make much difference. I think you did the right thing given the circumstances.

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Geez, that is beyond stupid. Can't believe she couldn't figure out that's a major choking hazard!

Would I have said something though? Probably not, though I'd have been tempted to ask if she wanted me to hold the baby while she feed it.

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