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Strawberries for babies under 1

Just thought I'd share as I didn't know this....

"Strawberries are one of the foods most commonly responsible for allergic reactions.

Because of the increased risk of allergic reaction, most sources suggest waiting until AT LEAST 12 months before including strawberries in the infant diet.

Guidelines do vary, though - in the UK, strawberries are often introduced somewhat earlier in the first year... whereas other medical professionals, particularly in the US, cautiously advise waiting until your child is 2 years of age."

Emma LOVES fruit so I gave her some stawberries and she came up with a rash over her tummy and back. It wasn't until my Mum mentioned it was probably the strawberries & I googled that I came across the above info I had any idea I wasn't meant to give them to her

I'm sure some babies under 1 have had strawberries fine but just wanted to share this then you can make your own decision

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We were slightly worried about this, as Georgia came out in marks on her tummy one night and all we could think of was that her daddy had been tickling her after he had been eating strawberries. But I tried her on the Ella's Kitchen apples and strawberries for 4m+ as she loves apples and she has been fine. I'm really surprised to see that there is a recommendation to wait til a year old.

My big fear is kiwi fruit as I'm allergic to that. Its my mouth and throat that swells so if she is the same I would have no way of knowing as its not a rash. Its such a worry

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thanks for sharing hun x i read this once too but luisa had already had strawberries just fine but if i had known prior i wouldnt have risked it!"

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Although strawberries are definitely one of the known allergens it is "just" a rash that goes away quickly, it's unlikely to cause major problems so don't worry if you've given them/plan on giving them.

Randomly Sofia had this reaction to raspberries but was fine with strawberries. I tried raspberries again when she was a month or so older and no reaction.

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ooh Hannah just had strawberrys for dinner - will keep an eye on her

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Hey I had never heard of this but I gave Brandon strawberries this morning and he has a rash all over his face and tummy!! He seems okay tho! xxx

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I have never heard of this either, Phooebe had them at 7 months and hated them so I haven't tried them since.

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