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Originally Posted by Zeri View Post
Wow! So am I the only one who's not giving their baby meat or starches yet? Mine just hit 7months but I still have on pureed fruits and veggies onlly - like But no meat or fancy dinners yet. I was planning to start at 8 months. Is this wrong?

To answer the OP - my menu goes like this

Breakfast - rice/oatmeal cereal
Lunch - pureed vegetable (e.g carrots or beans, or sweet potato)
Dinner - pureed fruit - (prunes, or banana or pears )
U'r doing great. But starting with some lumps is good at this stage, as they need to learn how to chew. They dont need animal protien before 8 mnths anyway, but it's a training thing, to make them get used to new flavors. Mine wasnt keen about purees & hated them all. Once we started introducing real food at 6.5 mnths he started to like food. We started giving him animal protein (meat & yoghurt) at 7 mnths. Omar still doesnt have any teeth, but he chews food with no problems.

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Thanks nmwb78! I will try something with a rougher texture and see how that goes.

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My HV said that you should be working up to having a serving of protein, dairy and carbs in every meal I try to do:

Breakfast - Banana with porridge or weetabix. Or a piece of toast with butter and marmite or cheese spread, and a yoghurt

Lunch - chunks of cheese (I give him cheese every day), about 100g worth, some finger foods, like bread soldiers with cheese spread, or a ham sandwich, some veggie sticks (baby corn, carrots, mange tout etc) or salad sticks (cucumber, toms, peppers), sometimes fishfingers, and then I will give a small portion of puree (like shepherds pie, fish pie, lamb and sweet potato casserole, chicken and sweetcorn mash) and a dessert like yoghurt, fruit pot, rice pudding

Snacks - anything like fruit pots, rice cakes, piece of bread and butter, cheese

Tea - tends to be smaller - we don't faff with fingers foods often in the eves, but he will have shepherds pie etc (as above)... he doesn't tend to have a pudding as he can't manage a big tea and then his bedtime milk.

He has quite a big breakfast (as long as he has 2 hours between that and his first morning milk) and he has quite a bit for lunch as well.

Hope that helps -

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