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Baby won't open his mouth!

Hi ladies,

I really could do with some help here!

My son is 25 weeks (nearly 6 months) and I decided to start weaning him last weekend. It has been a disaster! My son just won't open his mouth to take the spoon and he keeps turning his head to the side or downwards to get away from the spoon. What am i doing wrong? Did I misread his signals? He was always staring at my food and watching we eat. He frequently put his hands in my plate and he can ver nearly sit up unaided. He is a little wobbly still and can only do it for a minute or so. He has taken the spoon if I have held his face straight but i really do not want to do that as I don't want him to hate or have a fear of food. I have tried baby rice, porridge and carrot puree but he has hated all of them.

Any advice as to what I should do would be much appreciated.


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Have you tried playing games with him, like here comes the aeroplane see if he will laugh and then you can put it into his mouth and he will realise how nice it actually is

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Sam was the same when we started at 5.5 months and it was such a shock to me as I thought he'd been showing all the signs and would love it. After a few days I stopped and decided to have a break and wait until he was 26 weeks.

Started really slow then with just a bit of baby rice for a full week and then tried pear puree and then tried mixing it with baby rice. Was unbelievably hard work for a month and took about another fortnight for him to eat anything unless it was mixed with fruit but then he got there and he's been pretty great since. I think the baby rice made with formula worked well for Sam as it tasted the same as his bottle. Fruit purees were also definitely better for him to get going with than vegetable, especially pear and apple. Also tried some of the Plum yogurts and dairylea triangles quite early on and they were reasonably successful. I got a bit stressed worrying he was getting a sweet tooth but in hindsight it was unneccessary. I probably should have relaxed a bit more with the vegetable purees and let him eat mostly fruit while he was getting used to the concept of solid food as he adjusted to vegetables etc fine in the end.

Worth trying some of the sweeter stuff like fruit to see if it helps? I also sort of attempted BLW for a few days which didn't work for us but it may be an option for you?

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Sorry your having trouble hun

How about doing BLW? your LO might want to feed himself?

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Is he in a highchair? If you smeared it on his tray do you think he would play with it? Some might end up in his mouth that way? You did it with fruit & veg you might get an idea of his likes/dislikes? Have you let him play with a spoon?

Just throwing some ideas out, hope something helps xx

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At his age he does not need to be spoonfed or have pureed food. I'd offer him finger foods like soft fruits, veg, pasta, toast, anything you have really! He may well not eat much for a while but that is not a problem at all, he will learn.

Loads of babies refuse to be spoonfed especially at 6 months +. I definitely wouldn't go down the road of tricking him into opening his mouth or anything.

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