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How much does your 9-month-old eat (BLW/finger foods/feeding self)

How much do your LOs eat in a mealtime? My boys are just about 9 months old and we've had to start letting them feed themselves because one of them just won't take anything savoury off a spoon anymore (started about 6 weeks ago)! They used to eat quite a lot when I was spoon-feeding them but they don't eat very much of their solids now, just get bored really quickly even with foods that they love. I'm worried they're not getting enough. How many pasta twirls would you expect your 9-month-olds to eat for dinner? How much of a slice of toast for breakfast?

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We do a bit of both, spoon feeding and finger feeding herself! Charlie will still eat from a spoon so im lucky although she will only eat half a jar at tea time, she will easily polish off a piece of toast for breaksfast and lunch she has sandwich (1 piece of bread folded and cut) and a yoghurt.
Not really sure what amount she should be eating but shes gaining weight so im not really worried

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I know my LO is only 7.5 months but she still eats like a baby sparrow with BLW and we started about 8 weeks ago. She doesn't even eat a whole toast soldier let alone a piece of bread. I am seriously considering giving her some spoon food as it's starting to worry me.

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at that age my boys didnt eat that much, prob 1/2 a slice of toast sometimes not even that much. also prob 2 tablespoons full of pasta, unless i covered it in cheese sauce and they would it alot more. in the last month they have started to eat alot more (they are 11 months) they now eat a huge bowl full each plus fruit for pudding and snacks throughout the day.

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Niamh is a pig and would eat a slice of bread and butter, two baby bells, some cucumber and half a banana

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