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advice on unpaid leave at work

I tried to get 31st December off as nursery was closed and all of my friends and family were unavaliable for childcare. So I spoke to work about it and they point blank refused to let me have it off... Eventually I had to plead and they offered a compromise (if you'd call it that) I had to work an earlier date to make up for it. The day that I am now working was not my contractual day of working but I agreed to it so I could get 31st off. It was a struggle to get childcare but if I couldn't it would have been very hard.

I'm a single parent and they employed me on that basis as I changed job roles after maternity leave.

What are my rights as a working parent with regards to time off - any help apreciated :-) x

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Have a look here:

I use it for when LO is sick and cant go to nursery

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