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return to work?

I have recently found out that we're expecting again. All being well, LO will arrive in July/August next year.

I have been applying for work, and plan to sign on from 17th Dec (when my MA runs out) as I would rather work than claim all the way through my pregnancy. However, I would have to stop work at 30 weeks (health reasons) so I would finish work mid-may. It's going to be for 4-5 months tops.

I've so far been applying for temporary contracts or P/t (need 12-24 hours a week) contracts but I know from friends who are also job-hunting at the moment, finding a job in my town is like finding a hen's teeth.

I just can't help thinking that it's a bit of a waste of everyone's time. I'm hoping that the application I've done today comes off (3 months starting 6th jan, cleaning 15 hours a week, 3 hours each morning) as that would work brilliantly. Just wondering what people would do in my situation. I prefer to work, but if it's going to be a palava I'd rather just keep it simple lol.

I'm not going to tell anyone I'm expecting (outside of this forum) until after 12w scan which will be end of jan-ish. I'm kind of thinking that if I keep looking until this point, and then re-assess after the scan. Would this be silly? At that point I would have literally 3 months of working time left. Or could I do avon or something just to bring in some money? Arghhhh - just when I'd got my career plan sorted those lines appeared lol

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