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Wanting to move abroad to teach!

Hi all! I'm Kendra. I haven't been on here FOREVER! Well, I believe it stated my last log-in was October 2015. Whew!! I used to be an avid bnb-er, but slowed down significantly after the twins finally came! I can hardly believe it - but they will be 4 years old in July!!! AMAZEBALLS!!

So, I'm reaching out because I really have no where else to reach. My husband and I live in Chicago with our twins. We are both teachers, but seriously looking to move abroad. We tried several different recruiting agencies with not much luck. I have already given my letter of resignation at my school (my husband did not), but as the school year draws closer and closer to the end, I am getting more and more nervous.

I TOTALLY know it is in our family's best interest for me to resign from my current school - less stress, being a better mom, being a better wife, needing desperately to have more work/life balance, or harmony. But, like I said, struggling currently to not stress and have faith that all will work out.

I guess I could always focus on being a full-time stay at home mommy. Or, work more on my essential oil business - there are tons of moms that always want more information about keeping their babies/children well and I usually don't have time, or make time to follow up with them properly. I could also always Uber - I guess.

Ugh...I guess I'm here to just get some encouragement since I really, truly, honestly feel like this is the best move for our family. I just wish it were easier to get a teaching job in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Dubai or Abi Dhabi. Thanks for listening!

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you only live once i say go for it

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wtt :)
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Do it!

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I'd say go for it but with a word of caution - that's a very varied list of potential places you'd consider moving to. They are very different from each other both culturally and in relation to what you could expect for your family financially and educationally - even New Zealand and Australia would be difficult to compare. Research! Research! Research! You are going to have the time when you finish working (well twins permitting). Good luck.

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