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Work Dilemma

I am currently employed in a local supermarket 16 hours in the evenings and it fits in perfectly with my childcare as my MIL and DH have the kids when I'm working. However, after over 11 years I feel like I've become stagnant in my role and need a change. I found a job online for a nursing assistant with the NHS, 28 hours varying shifts. I am so anxious at the thought of leaving my current role and regreting it and also not being able to give me youngest DS the same time that my eldest had ie going to swimming lessons, baby and toddler groups etc. But at the same time I want a more rewarding job. What would you do?

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28 hours isn't too many hours IMO. If you know the days that you want to do swim lessons, baby group etc just ask those days off so you can go. See if they will be flexible with you.

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I don't think the NHS will be flexible in terms of being able to take the days off if you want them, especially as you say it has varying shifts. A lot is to mAke sure other staff are available to cover whilst you're off and you in whilst they're off etc.

I completely understand where you're coming from, I feel the same as you however I know how crippling childcare is and so I am in a job that I'm not particularly enjoying to decrease our child care going to look for evening work in the new year now that ds is here as I physically can't afford two lots of child care. Xx

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