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Pregnant again on benefits

Don't judge please. I'm 21 and I'm currently on benefits because I had to move out of my parents house when I fell pregnant at 19, I was working and st college but as that had to stop I'm on benefits. I wanted to get back out there and work but Ive just found out I'm pregnant again. I'm claiming as a single mum but still seeing my baby's dad , he sees his child but he just refuses to move in and support more as I don't have a good job atm and seeing as the situation turned out being kicked out my parents house I don't want to move in with him yet . and this pregnancy wasn't planned.

I feel so guilty at how I could get pregnant again and be so stupid when I'm not in the best situation. Would benefits stop ? Would I not be able to have this baby as I'm claiming single parent? What would happen ..
Thanks very much if any reply

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There's no reason for benefits to stop assuming you're in the UK. Being a single parent doesn't mean you can't date, have sex etc, you would have to declare a partner you lived with though. If it's the same dad there might be questions though that this is a long term relationship and you are not in fact a single parent even if you don't live together as they started to crack down on couples who lived apart to in order to be entitled to more benefits (not saying you're doing this but this is what they have started to look for) - all you can do is be honest about the situation.

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nothing wrong with being on benefits imo !! Xx

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