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Flexible working hours , going back

Okay im off on maternity leave due back at end if october. I currently work a 25 hour contract being mon-fri 12.45 til 6 .
I have a 5 yr old in p2 who finishes up school at 2.30 and a 8 mth old who ill be putting into a creche. As you can tell from my working pattern , this doesnt suit me with 2 young children. Im hoping to have my hours changed to 3 long days & a morning. Ill arrange a family member to collect my eldest & watch her on the 3 long days & will not need childcare for her on the am i plan to work as she will be in school. This arrangment would
Suit me as ill see my kids plenty. Just hoping my work can be obliging. Has anyone else been in a similar situation. Am i entitled to request these changes. Im already so emotional about having to leave my girls without the added stress of work

Any advice would be brilliant ! ThNks in advance

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