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Single mum: reduce hours?

I am currently working 22.5 hours, which is fine at the minute. But I am being relocated to the other end of town, relying on public transport. This is going to mess up my plans doing the school run etc as my current base is near home. So now I am having to work less to allow for the extra commute. Plus the extra cost of travel, it's gonna be tough but necessary.

I am thinking of reducing to 16 hours until I go off on mat leave in December. Will my tax credits increase if I do? Because I am struggling as it is.

I have been told my housing benefit application is only successful for the time my daughter is at nursery, well she is leaving next month to go to school, so then I am going to have to pay full rent again, how is this fair? I am a single parent with a baby on the way. I have queried it so many times but come away bashing my head against the wall. Plus I will lose my childcare element of my tax credits once she leaves nursery. I feel I am never going to be on top of my finances.

If I reduce to 16, will I be better off? I know it sounds daft but the whole system is just backwards, makes my brain hurt.

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I'm not sure about tax credits but just make sure it won't affect your mat pay. Qualifying week is 15 weeks before due date and it's what you earn in this week that affects your pay. It does count back a certain number of weeks though.

This is quite a good calculator to check what you'd get if you did reduce your hours

It's for mat pay though not tax credits

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I second the above poster, please be careful that you don't affect your mat pay!

I think that working 16 hours can entitle you to more child tax credits and working tax credits, but I'm not entirely sure. Please be careful that you inform the helpline straight away to avoid any overpayments.

You can double check the tax credits here -

I would also look at other benefits you might be entitled to such as Income Support, Child Benefit, Sure Start Grants, Council Tax Benefit etc. Your local CAB office should be able to help you x

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