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Can anyone explain MA to me ? As a self employed casual worker


I am trying to work out how I can be sure to receive some MA when (if ) I have a 3rd baby.

My main income since I quit my job in March is hosting students in my home - this is basically my work ! I cook for them, and look after them and take them to their coach each day . However the money I get for this apparently counts under 'renting a room' so doesn't count as earnings and isn't liable for tax . Of course this is great until it comes to something like maternity benefits !

The only other income I have is ad hoc childcare which I do ( basically babysitting ). Now I understand you have a qualifying period and have to have earnt at least 13 weeks within that qualifying period and then you will get 90% of the average of those 13 weeks .

I don't understand how the small earnings certificate affects this . If I get a small earning certificate , is it sill the case that I automatically get 27 a week or will the earnings for the 13 weeks still be considered .

I just want to know what the minimum I need to do in order to be eligible for some help .

Hope this makes sense !

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