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Career change at 36 and pregnant?

Hi all, I'm 36 and currently full time employed in a healthcare field and pregnant with my 2nd child.

I have long been restless in my current field and before getting pregnant (it was a 7yr wait!) I was planning to go to right my lsats and go to law school. since we miraculously fell pregnant I am feeling more like law school during baby's first yr of life would be both hard and would take away from my time with my LO.

Now i'm stuck, unhappily in my current field and wanting a change, but not sure what to do?

Did anyone feel a push to make career changes after getting pregnant?

Am i just a flake? You'd think at my age i'd have sh*t figured out!

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Wait until your baby is here before making any big decisions, career often stops being as all consuming once your baby arrives, it's just a means to pay the bills.

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