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Boss forcing you out?

Has anybody had any experience with their boss trying to push you out of work without saying anything or legally doing anything wrong? If so did you just take it as a sign to leave off your own back and how did you let it not get down emotionally and mentally?

Basically my background is Im a part time teacher in a school. After taking maternity leave with ds3 I went back and replaced a failing newly qualified teacher. I'm not for one second saying I'm an amazing teacher but the nqt was only on a temporary contract and so it was a logical swap. I was put in a job share with another teacher who had been employed whilst I was on maternity leave and although he job shares my class for the 2 days I don't work he is employed in school for the other 3 days so is full time. However he does nothing, last term I did practically all the paperwork for the class, rearranged the classroom, and completed the majority of the assessments. It was both mentally and physically exhausting but at the end of it my head teacher acknowledged privately that she knew how much I'd done without his support. So you can imagine how gutted I was when my head said she was keeping us in as job share for this entire school year. This job share also effectively pushed out one of our assistant head teachers who was returning from maternity leave although legally there is no proof of this but we all know.

This term my job share has not completed things as he should and when this has come up in conversation with my head she has said she will chase him up with these. However ive recently found out that she's not followed through on this and is actively trying to make his job easier at the expensive of making my job harder. I can't help feeling like she's trying to get me out of the school and this is her way of doing it without making me leave. At the end of the day I'm happy to leave and have already started looking for new jobs but finding a permanent part time job is very difficult and I don't want to be left out of work with 3 children to support.

Sorry for the ramble - if you got to the end - I'm just wondering how to keep myself motivated at work I guess

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Do u have a union id take to them tbh its verging on bullying if u feel ur jobs being made intentionally harder

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