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Just a quick question for anyone that is either a childminder/has been a childminder or uses a childminder, if you don't mind?

I'm only 12 weeks pregnant, however I already find myself worrying about returning to work after mat leave. I am a qualified primary teacher, disclosure checked and already find my job getting in the way of family life with only one, school aged, DS.

I have been feeling very detached from my home life and struggling to manage a suitable work/life balance and still complete all the mindless paper pushing tasks that teachers are swamped with (currently taking a planning break, after starting at 4pm on a Sunday ). I have toyed with the idea of going and working in a nursery, preferably one that only operates half days, but the drop in wage is something I don't think my family could cope with (especially once LO arrives as childcare is still something that I would need to find).

Recently I have thought more and more about training and becoming a childminder, once LO arrives and the school terms starts next year (giving almost 9 months to get things in order and find my first customers). I wouldn't be looking at maximising my books and having children upon children coming through my door, just enough loyal customers to provide quality childcare and provide for my family (with my DS and LO arriving I could have 2 children all day and a further 2 up to 8 years old, plus further wrap around care for older children).

The only problem I'm finding is not knowing how much I could, feasibly, earn. I know that expenses must be taken from actual profit and that certain household bills can become business expenses, meaning that it isn't as easy to calculate as an employee wage but I would like to get a good understanding before committing.

If you use a childminder what do you pay per day/per hour and what does that include (just care, food/snacks/trips etc)?
If you are a childminder, what are your typical earnings per week/year and how many children does that equate to?

I understand this might be a personal question, so I am very thankful for any responses!

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Hi ��

I currently use a childminder for my 2DS. The childminder rate is 3.50 per hour. This included all snacks & I pay an extra 1 per child for tea. This included any trips etc the childminder may take the children on.

Hope that helps.

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