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Question about contract

I'm currently on maternity leave with a return to work date of 27th Feb 2017. The company I work for is being sold with the takeover happening on 1st Dec 2016.
My understanding is that all terms of my contract get transferred unchanged under TUPE.
However, if I put a request in to change my hours when I return will I have to have a new contract with the new employer with changed terms?

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It would all depend on what terms are being taken over to the new contractor. when I've been through tupe anything relating to wages/money (so pension etc) and holidays was kept the same but everything else changed over so request for new hours did have to go through the new employer.

I would also just be aware of how long before you go back that your request for change of hours has to go in as I'd imagine it needs to be soon?

good luck xx

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