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Hate being a nurse!

I qualified 5 years ago and have had 18 months off in that time with my 2 children. I have stared working with an agency but I hate it. Last minute calls to homes far away, working in places that aren't nice. I used to work for a private home and left as the boss was so horrid.

I'm at the point of wanting to just give it all up. Anyone else?

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I'm in a similar position in terms of hating on my job. I had a successful job working full time as a manager and got paid really well but I gave it up when I lost my son and started working full time in health care. The job had its pros in terms of me being home with my daughter more but there is so much pressure with targets and I'm now on an extended probation because I wasn't meeting them (my job involves people engaging in healthier lifestyles so the targets are set against me but I have to rely on clients changing their behaviour and bad habits to hit them which is the hard part) - so I've gone from successful manager who was achieving outstanding on my appraisals to a mediocre job that I'm crap at!

I've decided I'm not going back to the job after maternity. I do not want to be leaving my children for a job that I physically cannot stand and am made to feel crap at. I'm applying for jobs and have an interview in a couple of weeks which I really hope I get.

I know this will mean going back to work earlier but I think I will enjoy it, it's more money for less hours and for a well known organisation that I have faith and confidence in. I figure that a new job I never going to fit right at the end of my maternity and I'd rather go back earlier than have to go back to my job now.

life is too short and children are only little for such a small amount of time.

Do what makes you happy - desire my job now turning out to be utter crap, I don't regret going part time and being able to spend more time at home. If you've got to work, make sure you enjoy it, that's my motto

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