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Those who work from home..

what do you do?

Im a qualified nurse but im really not enjoying it so just work enough to maintain my registration. My daughter is 3 and my son is 15 months so really would rather be at home with them until they are both in school. My husband makes enough money for me to be a SAHM but i want to be doing something that earns a little. Sounds daft but i dont have any friends so those beauty/healthy selling things arent for me (dont want to mention them in case its against the rules)

Just need some rough ideas of what i can do if anyone has any?

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Have you considered a telephone based role like a nurse advisory role. Nor sure where you are but something like this

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I'm keeping in on on my career a little but currently it doesn't really pay with the amount of childcare I need. .so I've trained as a childminder. Currently do both jobs. One day I'll go back to my original career properly but this wayi can be with my children and earn

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I have 2 self employed businesses ... one selling my own handmade items like personalised wine glasses ..

I also just signed up to be a phoenix trader selling greetings cards, gift wrap, stationary and gifts. I have a website set up and the ability to hand out brochures ...

I have only just started but had 1 order in the first few days and I think if I stick at it and get myself out there with it I will be okay!

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Are you crafty? You could consider selling your creations. That's what I do but I also work full time.

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