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Not going back to work

Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted on here so bear with me!

I am meant to go back to work in May, however I spoke to my HR recently and they told me they can only accommodate me for mostly late shifts which are 5-9pm. I work for a discount megastore so they operate 8am-9pm and before I went on maternity leave I was doing 20 hours a week & the hours were varied. I think they've said this so I won't come back but I didn't want to anyway, I'd love to spend a bit more time with my daughter.

I also mentioned my lack of space to my council and they have offered me a 2 bed flat. I have said I did work PT before but HR have told me what they did and someone mentioned income support. I'd love a bit extra time with her, her dad pays a bit each week for her and sees her every other day but we aren't together and he lives on his own.

So because of this I wasn't sure if I'd fall into the category of not being available for work? I do want to go back but if I can I'd like a little longer with her, up until she's about a year old or so. That's all I'd like to know really, my local job centre can be a pain for hassling single people. Thank you for reading & hope someone has an input or any personal experience!

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I think if your a single parent you can claim income support up until your child turns 5. I am not sure about tax credits or any other benefits you could claim. Might be worth dropping into one of those benefits drop in sessions?.

If you received SMP and are not going back to work you don't need to repay it just make sure you give your usual notice in on time so there are no issues. There was a bit of a mix up with mine and they tried to get me to work past my noticd period! .

Hope all goes well

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