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First interview in 12 years

So today I got offered a job interview for a job i'd really love to get. But it's my first interview in 12 years and I know I'm going to be so nervous. I can not stand being in the spotlight, any tips or advice would be warmly welcomed, thanks in advance

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Be yourself and be confident. Remember this is just a meeting trying to see if you would be a good fit at the company and if you can see yourself working there. They are just normal people with normal lives.

Be prepared for the interview, i.e. research about the company, the products, what they have going on. (Not sure what type of company it is.) Employers typically want to feel like you did your homework and learned a little about the company before going in for an interview.

At the end, only if you think it is a right fit, express your interest again so all parties are aware of where you are. They can't read you mind.

Follow up with Thank You emails for everyone you met. If I really want to be a stand out I do hand-written notes, but you have to get these in the mail the same day.

Hope this helps and good luck - you got this!

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