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Changing maternity date?

I'm on holidays from work at the moment as my kids are on half term, due back on Tuesday. I have a company car which I need to return Tuesday as it's above my grade and been reallocated, this seemed fine for me until my partner realised he would need our car to pick the kids up from school as I work late.

Anyway, I'm currently 30+2, have 15 days holiday left which i had planned to take to finish work 15th June and then start maternity on the 6th July which is my due date!

Now my problem is I have no car to get to work which is a motorway journey away so can't get the bus or train and I go to building sites which requires a car! It's not worth me hiring either as it's around 500 a month!

I'm thinkin of bringing my holidays and maternity leave forward, I don't plan on returning to this job as they have treated me awfully but don't want to tell them yet as need to keep options open!

Now in my maternity pack it says I need to give 28 days written notice to amend my maternity leave date!


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