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Help! Want out of my job now...

I'm 20+6 and I want to stop working ASAP. My work environment has become very stressful and toxic.

I can't physically do my job anymore (stock picker at Walmart), and full time hours is too much for my perpetually exhausted state. I'm taking more bathroom breaks than I need in order to get 5 minutes to sit down, and then once I do, I'm struggling to stay awake.

My appointments are not being properly accommodated properly, even though I give 4+ weeks notice of my appointment dates.

My fiance and I share a vehicle and live 20 minutes out of town. He needs the truck while he's working (commercial construction, 7:30-5). This means any day I work, I'm going to town with him at 6:30 in the morning to get dropped off at work. Right now I work 7-3:30 so that's fine, I just use the wifi in the lounge for 90 minutes after my shift. If I go on accommodations and work shorter hours in a different department, I'll get mostly closing shifts (10:30pm). I'll be out of the house, withouta vehicle, 6:30am-11pm just to work a 4-5 hour shift for a little under $12/hr. Not worth it.

My back and feet hurt constantly. My feet hurt before they hit the floor in the morning! I have pain above my pubic bone whenever I move, and this spreads and intensifies throughout the day as I move more. I've also started loosening up in the pelvic region in the last 2.5 weeks, and starting on the 19th, I've had 3 incidents where I dislocated my sacrum enough to be in too much pain to move much at all for an entire day. What am I doing to dislocate it? Walking. Tieing shoes. Nudging something 1 inch with my foot while standing. I now have to sit down to change my pants, because I can't stand on one leg and raise the other.

I caught a cold at 15/16 weeks and can't shake it. I really don't think spending 5 days a week in a retail environment is helping with this at all.

My anxiety is through the roof (related to complex PTSD) this trimester, even though the first trimester was the calmest, most mentally-at-peace phase I've had in years. I really don't think the stress of dealing with my coworkers or doing a job I don't feel safe doing is helping. I don't think going on modified duties would be good either, because I'd be tired, grumpy and stressed about the schedule-vehicle conundrum all the time.

I live in Canada, in Newfoundland.
I get 17 weeks maternity benefits + 35 weeks parental leave benefits from E.I. (employment insurance) as long as I have 600 working hours in the last 52 weeks before my due date, which I already have. I'm also entitled to up to 15 weeks sick leave due to pregnancy concerns, paid through EI, if my doctor will sign off.

The problem is that my next appointment is next week, June 7th, and if she writes me off for the end of that week, I'll be off starting at week 22. 15 weeks sick benefits brings me to 37, not 40. I've heard that sick benefits becomes maternity automatically on your due date, but I don't know what happens if there's a gap. If sick benefits is treated as an entirely separate claim, then my 600 hours resets. I do know that maternity benefits can start at 32 weeks, but I don't know if that's only if you're starting maternity right after coming off work, or if at 37 weeks my sick benefits would become maternity "3 weeks early."

Anyone know for sure?

Think I can get off completely on sick leave? Think I should?

Alternately, if I just plain quit now, will I have problems applying for maternity benefits when baby comes?

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