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Compromises to your lifestyle?

So I posted a while ago about giving up my career to stay at home but now I’m starting to think about how financially feasible it would be as we never seem to have enough money. I know we are the type of people who spend money because we have it so it made me wonder what ‘luxuries’ have you given up because you need to and which ones are you not prepared to loose?

Thanks in advance

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Mum (Mom)
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TV! Wasn't that much of a luxury as we never watched it. Or if I did it was for something to pass time. Saved a fortune.

Also mobile phone packages , I do not like iPhones, android is just as good and is £15 a month for me and DH.

We didn't give up on broadband or food. We shop in aldi/Asda which are cheaper anyway but we buy what we want food wise and mostly it's fresh.

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