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What I want to know is how my ex who looked after him for 6 month after he kidnapped him is still entitled to child tax credit, yet I can't get it despite looking after him 90% of the time. It honestly makes no sense to me. No worries girls though appeal is on the way.

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A few weeks ago I changed from 20 hours a week to 40 hours. DS nursery fees have changed from 94 a week to 146 a week.

I rang tax credits to inform them of the changes and they told me to use entitledto to find out what my new income is going to be because it's accurate.

Turns out its not THAT accurate. The calculator said I'd get 136 a week but I only get 116 a week.

After all the bills I'm left with less than I was working part time! 👎🏽

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