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jobs for pregnant women?

i work at HEB, a Texas grocery store. Recently they have found out about me being pregnant. Soon after they started cutting my hours. (going from 5 days a week to 2 days a week)
i need a job that doesnt require a degree, im 18 and starting school next month. that pays decent, at least 8+.. any ideas?

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I'm not sure what emplyment law is in Texas but in the UK and company can't just cut hours because you're pregnant

I work in a supermarket with no problems. There are loads of jobs you can do, as long as you're being careful

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Seek legal advice for sure. Unless they have a valid reason to cut hours, then it's discrimination!

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They shouldn't be discriminating against you due to pregnancy. That's illegal even here in the US! You can read more on the EEOC's website. You may want to contact an attorney about that.

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Yeah that doesn't sound right, they shouldn't be able to cut your hours due to that reason. But if your casual there may be very little you can do about it...

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everyone's right what they're saying. Same laws exist in Canada and I wouldn't imagine USA is any different. They are SCREWED for doing that to you. You could easily file a human rights complaint (based on a violation against whatever) and it's free. At least that's how it can be done here. #1 is that when you win, they have to pay you what they would have been paying you if they didn't know you were preggo. Hope that makes sense.

Call some gov't office in your area (or google) and ask about Employment Laws. That office will have guidelines how to proceed with employer discrimination. etc etc.

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