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Thrush!!! maybe TMI?

Sorry if this is TMI!


I have done the deed ALOT over the past 3 weeks and after having 8/9 dry weeks due to OH been stationed away from me, this last week has resulted in me getting thrush (yes I do clean myself properly etc)

What can I do to help me now and/or stop me from getting it from too much sex in the future..

I have got clotrimazole cream at the moment.

anything else?

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Make sure you're eating enough probiotics (found in yogurt) or you could take them in a capsule form which is what I do called Acidophilus. Here's a good link on it:

Also take a look at your diet. Definitely cut back on your sugar intake and also drink lots of water!

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I'd never had it in my life before until this week - I'd had no symptoms, and the way it came on gave me a huge scare which resulted in two hospital visits in under 48 hours...... Don't worry, apparently it is so so common in pregnancy, and can happen to the most hygiene conscious person.

Keep the water intake high, and try probiotic yoghurts. If you find that the cream doesn't work, you can ask for a pessary with an applicator, it seems to have worked for me.

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