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Should I go to doctors or just wait it out

Since Friday I have been in bed with headache stuffy nose coughs sore throat my lungs feel tight and if I do get up I get out of breath really fast and it's difficult to breath I have picked up alittle but still have the tight sore chest and throat and cough. Is it just flu I have never had it before or should I go to the doctors? Or any advise on what to do take would be appreciated. Xx

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I'd pop to the docs. My MIL had pretty much same symptoms as you and she thought it was the flu but after it didn't go for 2 weeks she went docs and turned out it was laringitus x

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As soon as it effects your breathing it's time to go. I had H1N1 a few years ago and wound up with pneumonia, 40% use of 1 lung and 60 of the other. They were filling up with fluid. I was crawling to the bathroom it was horrible.

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