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Newbie has a question

_________________________________________Hello. I am currently 36 weeks. Not long to go now! Everything has been going great ever since month 4. I had awful sickness in the beginning. But now I'm staying active and everything is peachy.*
I do have one question and it's kind of why I joined b/c I could not find an answer anywhere and it may seem like a dumb question, but here goes....
I have a 2 year old Yorkie (Sophie). She is sweet as can be. She has itchy hot spots as her breed sometimes gets and I was told to get her hydrocortisone shampoo and bathe her once a week. On the bottle it warns against using on pregnant dogs. It advises to leave the lather on 5-10 minutes. Now, does anyone suppose this could put me in danger if I sit with her holding her with it on my hands that long? Or am I being silly and overprotective?

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Can you wear gloves? I'd just buy some dish washing gloves and use those. It's not silly at all to be worried, my vet advised against me coming in contact with a steroid cream on my pups paws as it's not recommended when pregnant or BFing.

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